Product Matters: Why Some People Get Rich With Online Marketing

I originally started writing this article inside my Private Team Training site for my marketing team members as an introduction to how our particular business model works but decided it had value for others so here it is. I want to make sure everyone who is looking at starting an online business understands some important fundamentals around choosing a product to market and how it affects income potential.

Your Product Line is just one component of your online marketing business (the way I teach this stuff there is Traffic, Funnel, Filter, Follow Up, and Product Line) and I’m not going to go so far as to say that it’s the MOST important (such statements are usually asinine anyway), but it does have a unique place in the process of your business, for three reasons.

1. Your product is the multiplier that all other efforts are compounded by in computing your profit. You could say that the profitability of your online business equals (Traffic + Funnel + Filter + Follow Up) multiplied times the profitability of your chosen product line.

2. Assuming you’re a reseller, affiliate, consultant, etc. (ie not the manufacturer) it’s the one part of your business you don’t control and you are stuck with what another company gives you to work with, so you better be pretty confident in the company you’re relying on.

3. Your product line determines the other key factors…

Traffic – What type? How much? What will you pay?
Funnel – Who builds it? How much content? How much is revealed vs held back? How deep does it go? How long is it’s tail?
Filter – What is your Filter mechanism? Is it cost-based, skill-based, experience-based?
Follow Up – Who does it? How automated is it?

You can’t really answer any of these questions until you know what you’re marketing. So let’s get clear on the issues around choosing a Product Line so we can move on to other things.

Basic Product Types

There are lots of “either/or” ways to classify products. Physical vs Digital, Online vs Offline, Mom and Pop vs Big Brand, Staples vs non-essentials, etc.

But in discussing product line selection for building an online marketing business I want to divide the spectrum along a different line…

Whether you consider yourself a marketer or a salesman (two very different things), the product lines you may choose to sell or market will fit into one of two categories (or sometimes both as we’ll see). These two categories are what I call Retail Products and Opportunity Products.

Retail Products are things you “use” or “consume”. Cars, soap, cell phone minutes, and cookies are Retail Products. You buy them because whatever they were designed for is something you want to do, ie get to work, clean your skin, talk to people, eat dessert, etc.

On the other hand, Opportunity Products are something you buy (or perhaps “invest in” is the better word), because of the opportunity to achieve some result that is contained in the product. There are different-types of opportunity products but usually they fit into one of a few categories:

  • Business Opportunites (franchises, network marketing distributorships, online marketing systems, etc.)
  • Romance Opportunities (dating services, dating websites, etc.)
  • Personal Growth Opportunities (seminars, weight loss pills/equipment, continuing education, etc.)

Some Opportunity Products are Retail Products with an optional “opportunity” attached to it (what I call ‘Hybrids’ – think Herbalife vitamins). With Hybrids you might not even know there is an opportunity attached (“It cured my tennis elbow… who knew I could have been making money for all the people I talked it up to?”)

On the other hand what I call Pure Opportunity Products would make no sense outside the opportunity they present. Think of owning a McDonald’s franchise (a franchise is technically a product)… nobody’s gonna pay a million dollars just to be able to have free Big Macs whenever they want. A McDonald’s franchise investment makes no sense outside of the opportunity it presents to make money.

Another example of a Pure Opportunity Product is a matchmaker service. It wouldn’t make sense to pay someone to send you profiles of eligible men or women were it not for the opportunity of romance.

Retail Product Pricing

One more important distinction between Retail Products and Opportunity Products is the way they are priced. This is very important to us as marketers because it affects our profit potential.

Retail Products are usually priced by a simple formula: (cost to produce + cost to distribute + profit margin = price).

It’s common sense… take what a product costs to make and distribute then tack on your profit and that’s what you can sell it for. A number of market factors, primarily competition from other companies with similar products, usually keep the profit that gets tacked on pretty thin. Companies that manufacture and distribute retail products can rarely just add a bunch of profit into the price without losing market share. But what they lack in pricing flexibility they often make up for in volume.

Companies that do a high volume of product sales win on two fronts… they can survive on less profit per item AND they can usually get better pricing on the materials and/or labor needed to produce or sell their product. Think Revlon (cosmetics manufacturer) and Wal-Mart (vendor of most everything). The little guy can’t compete.

Volume matters even on higher-priced retail products (cars, boats, houses) where you’d think the profit per item would be higher. Quite a few of these type of items have to be sold per month for a company to make much money, particularly because the distributorships for these products typically have high overhead (think car dealership). And the salesman (or affiliate or reseller) usually ends up with peanuts.

The reason all this matters to most of us reading this article is because it’s just as true on the Internet as it is off.

For online and offline marketers – most Retail Products have a low value per item.

Opportunity Product Pricing

Opportunity Products are priced according to a different formula from Retail Products.

Something more like this: (cost to produce + cost to distribute + IP + desire)

Let me explain.

The first two factors are the same… cost to produce and cost to distribute. The good news with most Opportunity Products is they tend to be much easier (and less costly) to physically produce and distribute. This gives us an immediate pricing advantage over Retail Products that are rooted to their “hard cost” in setting the price (and profit margin).

Many Opportunity Products are service-based and have little to no “production” or “distribution” cost at all. Think dating services, plastic surgery, education, or a franchise concept (which is basically just an operations manual and a set of legal agreements). While other Opportunity Products are able to spread their production cost across several customers at once (think seminars and education).

Now let’s look at the last 2 factors in Opportunity Product pricing. This is where it gets exciting for marketers.

IP and Desire

IP is short for Intellectual Property. Defined loosely… IP means what makes your product special or difficult to duplicate. IP is something that the product creator knows that others don’t (eHarmony’s “matching” algorithm), or is willing to do that others aren’t (Apples’ attention to design), or that competitors are unable to use because of a patent or other protection (most prescription drugs).

Most importantly for us as marketers IP can be charged for. If your product is difficult to duplicate then people have to buy it from you. If they have to buy it from you then you control pricing (because you have less competition) and can (and in most cases should) price your product higher accordingly.

Finally you have Desire. How badly to people want what you sell? The most unique and impossible to duplicate system in the world for teaching azaleas to read Russian is not likely to sell for much. No one has any desire for that. But figure out a non-duplicatable way to prevent male-pattern baldness, or augment female breasts without surgery, and you’ve got yourself an Opportunity Product you can charge out the wazoo for!

Obviously Retail Products also have a ‘Desire’ component, but it is much harder to upcharge for it since these products have more costs of production and distribution and more competition, though there are some exceptions we can learn a lot from. Companies like Apple Computers and Mercedes-Benz clearly are charging for consumers’ Desire for their products and some sort of proprietary “uniqueness” (IP) but I would argue that that part of their pricing is actually more like ‘Opportunity’ Pricing and perhaps their products are actually Hybrids.

Remember Opportunity doesn’t always mean making money… I’m suggesting that someone buying an iPhone is paying for the “opportunity” to appear a certain way and perhaps even attract others who appear that way. You don’t pay an extra $200 for a phone because of the touchscreen or the app store.

Ditto driving a Mercedes… just about everything that makes Mercedes a great car can be found in some other car with a lower price tag.

But it’s not a Mercedes.

In fact you could even say that if you do have your heart set on creating a Retail Product and trying to compete with the big boys then you better create a brand with an ‘Opportunity’ built into it to differentiate it (and charge more for). Something like Under Armor comes to mind – a guy figured out that if he gave his stretchy t-shirts to athletes then others would pay a lot more for the ‘Opportunity’ to dress like an athlete.

Interesting concept that warrants another article I suppose. But back on track…

Obviously the higher the IP and Desire components of our product line the higher it can be priced relative to the hard cost of creating it.

So what does this mean for us?

There’s a lot more that could be said about the difference between Opportunity Products and Retail Products but for now let’s just say that Retail Products tend to be a tough way to make a living online. You have to do so much volume and the competition is so stiff that there’s hardly any margin to pay affiliates (which is what you are unless you have your own product).

Hybrid Products are what we would expect… Better for marketers because of the pricing flexibility that comes from the Opportunity component, however still with the hard costs and competitive factors of retail products.

Leaving aside the idea of creating your own Retail Product (with an ‘Opportunity’ brand you can charge extra for) Opportunity Products are where the money is online… And if you look at the tens of thousands of people around the world who are earning a good living online over 99% of them (by my unscientific estimate) are doing so with Opportunity Products – the purer the better!

Now let’s be honest, some people like to take shots at Opportunity Products… and the companies that make or sell them. Some people scoff at the idea of paying $2500 for an Apple Computer. Others think the drug companies are all crooks. And the whole concept of franchising was put under legal review in the first half of the 20th century.

Myself I just scratch my head at the Gucci store. Why pay 10 times more for the Opportunity to have a large G on your apparel?

Loyalists of Opportunity Products usually respond that those people “don’t get it”. For those who wish to explore this topic further let me suggest Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why.

But get them or not, Opportunity Products are a marketer’s dream. And the best type of Opportunity Product is one with minimal production cost and little to no carrying cost.

Exactly like the product line I market on the tail end of my business.

It makes sense… why do people go searching online? They go online looking for love, looking to lose weight, looking to earn extra money. In other words looking for things that they can’t find on the shelves at Wal-Mart and that they may not even want to ask their friends or family for advice on.

See “Opportunities” aren’t always something we feel good about advertising our desire for. Many of us don’t want our friends to know we are starting our own business, or looking for love, or trying to drop 20 pounds. When people in our circle know these things then we are embarrassed if we fall short, or we open ourselves up to their criticism or ridicule.

These are deep-seated insecurities we all feel, so it is no wonder that Opportunity Products thrive in the anonymity of the Internet.

And there the savvy marketer waits, with high-IP, highly desired Opportunities priced accordingly. Trust me when I say from experience, with the right Opportunity for the right person, you only need one sale a month to earn a comfortable living. Sell 10 a month and you are earning 10 comfortable livings.

To learn more about what the heck I’m talking about… opt-in on this site. And if you’re already on the team, here’s to Opportunity!

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  1. Holly Parness says:

    Insightful, educational and interesting! Great read….

    • Suzanne Getty says:

      It seems to me that opportunities require very little overhead, and something that can be sold to someone that they can then sell to themselves or order for themselves, and then turn around and sell the opportunity to someone else. This is great, because no one likes a salesman that is toaggressive. If you can sell someone an opportumity that will enrich their life and help enrich the lives of others…..this is great! Very little attention on the retail product.

      Thanks for your great explanations!

      Suzanne Getty

    • Rick Campbell says:

      Hey Jeff , I just started with TTI and read and loved the article. After being in retail for almost 30 years including owning my own chain , it’s things I’ve heard in the past but not in that context. This just gives me more of an insight on what i want to accomplish and look forward to everyday with the TTI community. Thanks again. Rick Campbell

      • Sabbeth says:

        Wow, I learned so much from this article. Jeff, you are truly an inspiration. I hope that I can take in all of the knowledge that I just gained and actually use it in this business and succeed as much as you did.
        Thank you for all of the help.
        You truly are an inspiration to me!!!

    • Sherri S. says:

      Jeff-even someone like me can understand exactly what you are conveying to all of us. Very well written in simple language!! Thanks for all your wisdom and all you do!

    • mark pedersen says:

      Being a newbie to online marketing, I found this article very insightful! It only makes sense the way it was presented and I look forward to learning more!

    • Pema Choepel Mallu says:

      I like your ending sentence “here’s to opportunity”.

    • GREAT INFORMATION! this is only my the start of my 2nd week in MOS and I’m just getting ready to do my strategy session and I will be thinking about your insightful comments as I select products for my web sight.

      Thanks! Wilbur Holley

      • John Manha says:

        I am at exactly the same place Wilbur and my strategy session is tomorrow. Now I’ve been looking here and there for online coaching by true people. 4 years and too much money later, I can’t say how excited and hopeful I am!! Good luck Wilbur and thanks Jeff!

    • Clarice Lewis King says:

      Jeff I read this Artical Yesterday Sept. 16, 2012′what a brilliant Ideal, which is very
      clear about the different Products various. Esspecially the most demanding products . in which the internet market can’t market. To make money, But We spend $3600.00 Or more For a 4×4 Dodge Ram club cab. Pickup’ and as you said The oportunity Products Is a nesecessity also and Some FRanchise. i thank you draw this article to a T” Only if we can create products Some Of the Old Home Remedy That Kill Pain And Arthuridia As You spoke about About the hybrid that
      took care of your tennis aafflicson; i was All broker Up From a three car acident
      couldn’t walk I had to learn everthing over and rebuild my body; This Women wanted to know how i got real of my pain Jeff it was A simple Kicthen Product;
      She Use It an Was well, With Out Pain. I Think Time After time How i can create Some of my home remedy. But as You Said You Won’t Make No Money Of The Retail Product.; Thank you So very much for such Knowledge Clarice’

      • MARK MAGANA says:

        Tne strategy, I like is ( Funded Proposal ) coming in from DIVERSITY of

        INCOME STREAMS and to keep your ADVERTISING BUDGET going

        While you BUILD MOMENTUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • William Brier says:

          Enjoyed your insight on whole marketing ideas. My statergy session is for this Tuesday and I am so excited to get started.

    • Mae Lucio says:

      What a good blog; felt like i was at a live presentation. I would like to speak/present as well as you. Hey, I like Gucci. G!

      • Nancy Lorraine White says:

        Jeff, This is a superb presentation. Good information and easy to follow. The comparisons you give with “opportunity” products magnifies the need to have these types of products. Great job on this. Thanks much.

    • David Hartnett says:

      Great read. I am looking forward to being part of the team. I appreciated the Opportunity sales and retail sales explanation. I know that a community set up with the opportunity to share all of my success will help me grow
      Thanks Jeff

    • rachel says:

      found it the same, lots of info and knowledge, found it very insightful too

    • fred says:

      wow i neverr had it broken down like that, but it does make sense. thank you

    • Cherie Mars says:

      Jeff, I found this article very thought provoking. I understand the concept of Product versus Opportunity, but I am excited to learn more about the Opportunity Products in this Company. My curiosity is climbing.

    • Allen Stokes says:

      Jeff, thanks for your information blog, because I have always wondered why the weight loss, find your soul mate and make money products are sought after by internet marketers. Now I understand why the opportunity products work so well for many internet marketers.

    • Russell says:

      Very educational read! I really enjoyed it because it offered not only education, but also some history and sales tactics. I apologize if my comment seemed short, nevertheless it is truly hard to add to something that is so strategically written. So please, don’t ever stop sharing the wisdom and knowledge that you have when it comes to marketing. We (especially I) need all the help we can get. Thank you so very much and keep up the good work! :-)

    • Wenceslao Torres says:

      I am indeed glad to understand some of the secrets in the Internet Marketing to be successful. Thanks for the insight.What an education.

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      Thanks for your blog Jeff. Your explanation of Retail and Opportunity Products has been enlightening to me, no one has mention them by name in any of my efforts to start an online business. May GOD continue to Bless you as you share your insights with us.

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      Wonderful information, I was really captured by one of your last remarks,
      “insecurities” yes a lot of us have them. Now we are working as a Team with that information, we all win!
      It’s just like “Carnagie said, their driven by emotion, not by logic”.

    • This really hit home for me, I plunged into online sales about 10yrs ago. I drop shipped apparel and the frustration, I’m not afraid to say, made me give up and jump back into corporate America. I realize now that I have escaped the matrix (mentally, not financially as of yet) that the whole time I was still looking for opportunities. I was paying for anything I felt would help me along my path. I now realize that I can help people along the same path I am on, by having something to ‘offer’ that actually enabled my success. I’ve found you guys for a reason, I’m thankful!

    • Robin Sharp says:

      Thanks Jeff for your blog. I am new to the group and I am enjoying learning about selling in the Internet.

    • Joe Voutour says:

      Very good article – I had not before thought of these two categories. It seems to me that the best way to market “retail’ products is to sell the “opportunity” values as to what you can achieve with this product and what is different from it’s competitors.

    • Elizabeth Nelson says:

      Great article! Good information for those just starting out with online businesses.

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    • john cusack says:


    • john cusack says:


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    I believe you have hit a home run with the way you have explained the differences in product lines. Like you said, there may be a lot more hybrids then you would first think, but opportunity products generate opportunities.

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  4. Jeff Parness says:

    Jeff… I believe that you have answered the questions that so many people want to ask and don’t because they are afraid what the answer might be. IP is what will define a great online company that is sought after by many people trying to solve their financial pain. There are a lot of companies who claim that they have the answers to these problems that many are facing but more often than not fall short on their delivery, training, and personal coaching of the new team member. As a result of this many people become discouraged and give up on their dreams only to resume their day-to-day pain of working for someone else. However, your team, your training, your coaching, and your processes are the best I have ever seen or experienced. I am excited to be a part of the 100 people on your team that will have a positive experience and grow right along side you on this journey!! Keep the great information flowing! JP

    • Lauren says:

      I am a new member – but I 100% agree with you. I’m in the marketing and advertising business and this is not just a home run but a series of key insights that can take FOREVER to figure out. And it’s true too – this is an amazing opportunity… not to be cliche… but what he said!

  5. John Schaublin says:

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    A great read Jeff! You make some very relevant and interesting points that I’d love to hear more about in Las Vegas.

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    Chery :)

  8. Nell Smith says:

    Jeff, Well said. Straight and to the point. Clears the cobwebs from the brain. Thank you.

  9. Omahar Wright says:

    That’s why your the professor Jeff , and you do it well.
    There’s a few things I always wonder about some online business, how do they make profit from someone just subscribing to there site for free & downloading things for free. Some of these sites you cant tell how they make profit and pay for the cost.

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      As a newbie, I appreciate you simplifying the subject for me.

      Thank you Jeff,

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  14. Bonnie Chomica says:

    I love how you always make people think about things in a different way. This post makes perfect sense to me as to why so many people fail when promoting retail products. And, the big Ah Hah, for me, are the insecurities of people buying opportunity products online. I sense a lot of content oozing on that one. Thanks, Jeff.

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    Very Insightful Jeff — this is an excellent explanation of Retail versus Opportunity Products — I wasn’t even thinking in terms of dating sites and the like as opportunity products – thanks for your analysis.


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  17. Harold says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Loved the post man. The value was unbelievable and helped me a ton. I look forward to working with you with Top Tier Income. Every Online Marketer/Entrepreneur MUST read this if they have any intention on making money online. Thanks again.

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    A very informative post Jeff. The best and I think first “real” explanation on how this business model works and the way for anyone looking to enter the “online” business world should structure theirs.

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  20. Scott McAvoy says:

    I love the down-to-earth Jeff Lerner spin that we get from Jeffs’ postings. Always informative and delivered with heart. Why wouldn’t you follow him?
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  21. Paul Johnson says:

    Thanks Jeff for breaking this topic down into some very understandable and basic concepts.

  22. Kevin Knecht says:

    Great insight, Jeff! Melissa and I have put the same time and effort into marketing low profit products and services (soaps, lotions, potions, telecom, etc.) as we have into high profit products and services (info. marketing, conferences, etc.) and quickly discovered with a much higher profit margin there are more funds available to develop an advertising budget so we can continue to find customers who want our products and services. It’s much easier to capitalize a business, especially in the first 2 years, if you’re generating $1000 per sale up front per customer, rather than only receiving $100 up front and then $50/mth over the net 18 months.

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    Enjoyed the read. Need to make this part of economics and business 101.

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  25. Joyce Becker says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Great breakdown of retail vs. opportunity products. This is a very concise, easy to grasp overview of the business model and how it actually functions. I also like your expanded definition of opportunity products. Thanks for posting.

  26. Rich says:

    Anyone who has been scratching their head about what they should be marketing online particularly in 2011 & beyond just had their questions answered but also probably saved themselves a lot of time and money as well as mental capital.

    Some people are skeptical of non-physical, more information-based products & yet I would argue as you do that not only do these products provide the most sense from a numbers perspective but also that it’s informational services and education-based products that are the most life-changing & provide HUGE opportunity as standalone products event WITHOUT considering their added advantage of being easily attached to a business opportunity.

    How good is it to be able to derive HUGE value from a product and then get our money back several times over by profiting from sharing such a valuable product with others.

    How wonderful that TTI has done such a great job of hand-selecting products that are this valuable but also exclusive & so easily marketed!

    Thanks Jeff for TTI :)

  27. Maggi Flett says:

    Interesting and informative article. Looking forward to being part of the TTI community!

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      Great article. I have never really thought about our business in the way you described everything here. A real eye opener in comparison.

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    Hey Jeff, this is the first article from you that I’ve read…but it won’t be the last.
    Your simple explanation and examples really make clear the difference between opportunity products and retail products; where their profit differentials come from; what their relative roles are in the sales mix; and why opportunity products are really the keys to the kingdom for a successful online business.
    Thanks so much for your insight.
    I look forward to reading more, and sharing my own thoughts with you in the future.


  30. Jay Allyson says:

    All the stuff we try to explain to people in one easy to read article – great!

  31. DeNae says:

    Thank you for this article, Jeff!

    This is such a great approach to evaluating opportunity products.

    I especially appreciated your labeling brands like Mercedes and Gucci as “opportunity” products.

    As you pointed out, less expensive models probably have most (if not all) the features found in luxury brands’ products. But since some individuals perceive these luxury products providing a benefit beyond what the product is designed to do (like driving a Mercedes making them look successful) they are be willing to pay a higher price. How interesting to label that product as an “opportunity” product due to that perception.

    I’ve added Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” to my reading list.

    Thanks again for the great article!

  32. I agree with Mark, this is one of the best explanations of how this business works. Great post and I also look forward to TTI’s success.

    Another thing that I find with opportunity products, is that they tend to bring more emotion with them. I know I’m excited!

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    When I heard you talk for the first time on the TTI roll out webinar the other night I knew I finally found a guy who is sincere in his desire to help those of us who have been floundering in this industry!
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    Nice work and I’m extremely excited about working with you in WMI through TTI!
    Carry on my man!!

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  35. Jeff,

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    Cecilia Chapman

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    Thanks Jeff for creating TTI so people new to internet marketing can learn what it takes to be successful with it. We want to help people, while doing the right things, and make money at the same time.


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    Back then, I really could have used a Marketing Mentor (like Jeff) who could have alerted me as to the jungle that I was jumping into.
    Thanks Jeff for this great information. It would have saved me over $15,000 in wasted investment and not scared me away from Internet Marketing for over 12 years.

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    Now it has gotten even harder because with less people buying, and more competition my product margins have gone down (22%average).
    Your article sheds light on exactly what I am going through and why I chose to join your team. I look forward to a successful new start learning your programs!

    Joe Kruper

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    What people think, feel, and project drive consumer behavior. I have often scratched my head at the high-priced retailers and wondered…. why? Really? But, they spent the money… yes? Understanding the differences in how different people purchase different things is the key.

    Thanks so much for this insight – I look forward to more!

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    The shortest way to IM success is by education, training, and listening to the experts.
    We don’t need to re-create the “wheel”. Let’s just learn what to do with it.

    Francis Horton

    • Hi Francis
      I totally agree with you! I am very new and have looked online for jobs and ended up doing surveys for a nickel. I think you are right we don’t need to reinvent the wheel just listen to the experts. Makes me understand why so many people fail though. Good luck

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    A marketer with a massive responsive list can do that easily IF the report is good copy. Now, try that with physical products–lets say $2 pen .You cannot make you that kind sales or profit. Thanks Jeff. I hope to profit from this place.

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    The commissions on these programs is so low, and the work required to actually make a living is so intense, unless you have a full team working for you, it’s just not worth it. In fairness, these opportunities were originally designed to provide supplemental or part-time income for stay-at-home moms. Even so, I haven’t talked to a single person who has been even moderately successful in these business opportunities.

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    Like why Gillette give away there razors. They know you have
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    Sorry to say, I was not even familiar with the term “opportunity products”. I have bought opportunity products in the past without considering that it was an opportunity product and not a retail product. Thank you Jeff for your informative explanation of the differences between retail and opportunity products and why opportunity products are the way to higher profits. Such a great interesting read that I had to read it again.

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  540. Dear Jeff,

    I never realized that “Opportunity Products” offer the best profit potential in online marketing, but it does seem reasonable. Elimination of production and distribution cost as the major part of pricing a product and replacement with Intellectual Property and Desire seems to result in more flexible pricing and larger profit potential. I’m looking forward to major profits with MillionaireOS.

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    Now we are starting with MOS, and we KNOW we have the right company this time. There is no doubt in our minds. Thank you, Mr. Lerner, in advance, for the success we are going to experience with your team. You people are experienced, believable, humble, and have integrity coupled with a driving force to be the best; your videos reveal that to us. God bless your Company, and our mutual success.
    And to Him be the Glory.
    Confidently, your students,
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  684. Jabu says:

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    As an organic farmer, herbalist and manufacturer of herbal products, this article did make some sense. I’ve had many larger businesses request exclusive contracts with me on some of my products, but without a staff to help create the products, I could never match the demand in solido. Not to mention, I keep my recipes and processes close to the vest!

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with other farmers in my community to grow certain herbs that are more “commonly known” and we’ve all made enough money to carry the farms, but not enough to make a living, requiring off farm employment.

    I’m looking forward to learning more as I continue with MOS & the training and hopefully in addition to the path I take here, incorporate the strategies to further my dreams on the farm as well.

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