220web (220web.com) is a full service Digital Marketing Agency founded by Jeff Lerner.

220web serves two primary missions.

1. To provide great marketing services for small and midsized businesses that have the most to gain from creating a competitive Internet footprint.

2. To provide entrepreneurs a powerful income opportunity by becoming Local Business Marketing Consultants and earning substantial commissions marketing 220web’s services to businesses in their area.

220web was originally created by Jeff after he saw that many people who were new to online home business marketing were struggling to generate substantial results. In most cases it takes time, skill, and money to build up a profitable online business and for many either the learning curve or the capital is a challenge.

With 220web’s consultant program, fledgling marketers are able to earn income by incorporating the new skills they are learning with more traditional business-to-business sales methods.

To learn more about 220web’s consultant program visit www.220web.com/affiliates.

To learn more about 220web’s marketing services visit www.220web.com.

For a project bid or to be referred to an affiliate in your area please send an email.

2 Responses to 220web

  1. william greenwood says:

    Please , jan 31 , 2014 , if you are trying to charge my credit card for 110.00 dollars or around this amount for a program of yours we can not find it on our computer we looked you up on google trying to get a hold of a company names 2 20 companies
    please cancel all everything from us William greenwood , 6283 is our credit card and my address is 209 – 777 cardero street , Vancouver , B.C. V6G2G4 PHONE NUMBER IS 604 569 4412 THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP YOU MAY GIVE US
    wilmaandwilliam@shaw.ca is our email address

  2. Patricia Brenner says:

    I would like to request a refund as I do not need your services.

    Thank You in advance,
    Patricia Brenner

    phone: 517-563-2965

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